The challenge of clean cooking is not yet overcome by governments in developing countries. This is precisely what motivated BEENERGY to put together its team of experts, with the skills to generate investment processes and -the critical missing point- cylinder distribution networks.

The technical and market structure ADVISORY provided by the experts aims at analyzing the barriers of the LPG Development with the Authorities, assessing the number of Households capable to rapidly switch from charcoal to LPG or Biogas and recommending a series of actions to achieve these objectives. PV Solar is rather positioned for other uses than for cooking. But whenever the investment model can be sustainable, it will be proposed for Clean Cooking also.

Advisories provided to the PUBLIC SECTOR: Ministries, Regulatory Bodies, DFIs, Public institutions, Public development banks, NGOs…).

These Advisories are provided by “The Global LPG partnership” with our experts, as per our partnership:

Examples of these Advisories:
• National LPG Master Plans, Investment Plan, (Ghana, Cameroon, Kenya)
• Recommendations on the improvement of the LPG Regulatory Framework (from Licensing to Safety standards)
• Study of the creation or recommendation on amendment of a national LPG price structure (Cameroon)
• Structured Model of financing of the Cylinders, Filling Plants and Depots for the entire sector, (Cameroon, Ghana)
• Design and implementation of a program of Microfinance to ease the acquisition of the cylinder (Kenya, Cameroon)
• Recommendations and Advisory on the Branded Cylinder Recirculating Model (World Bank, AfDB, Honduras, Nigeria)
• Training of Cylinders Distributors at the national level (Cameroon)
• Safety Audits of all the Filling Plants (Cameroon)
• National Book or Guide of design and construction of LPG Depots and Filling Plants
• Benchmarks of successful LPG markets
• Recommendations on LPG price subsidies strategies.