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Adopting LPG or BioLPG (clean cooking) ADVISORY

Adopting LPG or BioLPG for clean cooking consists about "Cylinder Management".
Precisely, it is about implementing a solid  investment and distribution of refilled LPG cylinders in a safe and sustainable last mile distribution system.
All barriers on LPG development are mainly about cylinders: absence of investment in cylinders, not adopting derisky distribution model, not complying with safety rules.
The model of distribution that has proved success is the BCRM, and our experts know how to implement it and adress the gaps for making sure the BCRM is well implemented.

BEENERGY is a team of professionals of BioLPG or LPG distribution for clean cooking. All our experts have proved operational experience to deliver advisory in LPG distribution, in all respective areas: Investment, Commercial, Safety, Logistics, Safety, training in PG distribution.

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